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Meeting in Croatia

Memories of  CROATIA   October - 2018

How to Conduct a Class Debate

Introduce the topic All debates start with a topic, or resolution. Often, this resolution is a proposed course of action that one team will argue for and another will argue against. Choose a topic to which your students can relate and perhaps one with practical application. You can make the topic less serious (the cafeteria should include more international dishes on the daily menu) or more serious (the U.S. government should reform its visa application process). In any case, be sure that your students understand the issue and any specialized vocabulary that goes with it. 

Assign the Affirmative and the NegativeThere are two sides to any debate. Naturally, one will argue for and another against the resolution. It is better to group your students into teams to research and argue the issue rather than expecting one student to do all the work. This way one student does not have all the pressure to perform, and the other members of the group can help with compre…


The meeting was the second in a series of gatherings to be held between the four partners.

We arrived to Saldus on the 15th of April. It was a warm afternoon and we were so excited because we were going to know our host families in Latvia. After a brief welcome from Latvian teachers and taking some pictures, everyone went with his or her host family to start the Latvian adventure! Although we were a bit tired of the journey, different activities (such as, having a pizza with the hole family, riding a bike to see the town, playing some sports...) were enjoyed by pupils involved in the project.
DAY ONE: 16th April We were more than welcome in Saldus Elementary school! A small present was given to all the guests and we all could enjoy a really beautiful concert made by students and teacher of the Latvian school. Latvian traditional dances, beatiful songs sang by students (choir & individual singers), beat box and so on were offered to the three visiting countries.
After the amazing welcome…