The meeting was the second in a series of gatherings to be held between the four partners.

We arrived in Saldus on the 15th of April. It was a warm afternoon and we were so excited because we were going to know our host families in Latvia. After a brief welcome from Latvian teachers and taking some pictures, everyone went with his or her host family to start the Latvian adventure!
Although we were a bit tired of the journey, different activities (such as, having a pizza with the hole family, riding a bike to see the town, playing some sports...) were enjoyed by pupils involved in the project.

DAY ONE: 16th April
We were more than welcomed in Saldus Elementary school!
A small present was given to all the guests and we all could enjoy a really beautiful concert made by students and teacher of the Latvian school. Latvian traditional dances, beatiful songs sang by students (choir & individual singers), beat box and so on were offered to the three visiting countries.
After the amazing welcome concert and a headmistress’s speech we went around the school. 

Once we had visited the school facilities, it was a perfect moment to the International tea/coffee!
Every participant from each country offered something specific to eat and drink what is common in the country they come from.

Once finished the International breakfast, it was time to work for the project teachers. We met to organized next proeject activities and meetings.
While some of us were working, pupils were enjoying some ice breaking activities.
One hour later, every country could know more about Latvia. Latvian student made a presentation comparing Latvia to both countries (Croatia and Spain). 
What an intense welcome morning we had, thank you Saldus!

In tha afternoon, we were visiting the Town hall and Mayor Reinis Donins. It was also the moment to do a tour around Saldus.

DAY TWO: 17th April
Early in the morning, our students were observing and participating in lessons:
- English: Anti-Bullying (Evita Dureika)
- Music: Latvian folk songs (Iveta Logina)
- Sport: Strength and agility workouts. Games with limited range of motion (Lasma Rumpe)
- IT: Inclusive and friendly action in everyday life (Dace Neizaka)

After all these lectures, the students made the presentations of their countries and schools.

Later, teachers and pupils were separated into different activities.
Teachers assisted to one seminar: "Our school’s experience in PBS/APU (Positive behavior support)". 
Teachers from Latvia Liga Pastore and Evita Dureika presented Saldus Elmentary school’s experience – explained theoretically and showed practically.

While for students, some activities on anti-bullying were placed.
Students learnt about the problem of bullies and how to behave if you are a bystander. The aim was not to point the finger at anyone, but instead to discuss and question our beliefs about what bullying is and how it can be dealt with.

In the afternoon, pupils and teachers went on an excursion to Latvian countryside where they learned about the life and farm of the Latvian countryside. We could see antiques, get acquainted with the Latvian anniversary, ride a horse in a cart, enjoy a meal prepared on the fire. WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

DAY THREE: 18th April - Excursion to capital city Riga!
We has a day full of activities: 
Workshops in Natural Science school of Riga- Science toys/Environment games/ Medicinal herbs and poisonous plants- 

- Finding out a little bit of Latvia’s history, literature, culture, architecture in National Library of Latvia. 

- Having lunch in leisure center “Lido” to introduce you guests to Latvian flavours  and welcome you in national costume and try Latvian national cuisine – food and drink made according to traditional recipes.

- Walking around the important objects and buildings, monuments in Old Town Riga

- Visiting the resort zone in Jurmala and enjoying the seaside. 

On the way back we visited the bakery/cafeteria/shop where guests could buy special bread products. We also had a delicious dinner there.

DAY FOUR: 19th April
The morning was full of enjoyable workshop and activities:
First one, find and colour your Latvian sign/design your Latvian sign on a Project bag with a Project logo

The Latvian language teacher Anita Raude introduced the guests with Latvian ethnographicsigns and students and teachers according to their birth date had to find and colour the sign. 

Teacher Evika Zabarovska, the Visual Arts teacher, offered to choose a sign and in textile art technique draw it on the bag. 

Second one, Latvian games and traditional dances. 
The music teacher Iveta Logina together with Latvian teachers and students learned traditional Latvian games and dances where in acordeon music accompaniment all- students and teachers had a lot of fun.

After breakfast, it was the time for students presentations about Pakistan. Every school was searching for information about this country so all of us could learn something about its history, culture, famous people and also what to do if a pupil from Pakistan arrives to one of our schools.

During the morning, we were interviewed by a Latvian regional TV. Some of us were explaining the project. Here you can see the result: Latvian TV

And the last workshop (before lunch time) was "writing slogans for positive behaviour".
Evita gave students a task to recognize some popular companies’  logos and slogans in groups of four and they did it surprisingly good. After that in pairs or groups of three they had to take one paper slip with positive word and create a slogan with it. All the slogans were very good!

Sports time in the afternoon! Sports teacher Lasma made different activities for with limited range of motion. The students had lots of fun...
Last night in Saldus, time to the farewell dinner (for teachers) and the party at school (for students).
20 teachers met In Saldus Elementary school to continue sharing ideas, culture and to let Spanish and Croatians know a bit more of Latvian cuisine.馃槉
Students were having fun in the party. They were dancing, singing and chattering during some hours at school. They also could enjoy this cake...馃構

DAY FIVE: 20th April
It was our last day in Saldus, there wasn`t so much work left. So, we could enjoy the Certification ceremony and the review of the week.
Headmistress Dace Balandina and teacher Evita Dureika gave out certificates for each team and also we had time to look back on the events of week and talked about our summary, impressions and feelings.

And the time to leave arrived, our students have get used to each other
and saying goodbye was hard for them. We could see lots of hugs and tears馃槳

For more photos, click on the link below:


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